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Inside the April 22nd Roundup

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Here's a preview of the April 22 edition of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.
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Beneath the surface
Soil health expert discusses practices for healthy micro biome
          Innumerable microorganisms below the soil surface are imperative for maximizing soil heath and productivity.
          Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) West Regional Soil Health Team Leader Jennifer Moore-Kucera noted that effective management strategies are critical to promoting a healthy soil micro biome.
          In a presentation hosted by No-Till Farmer, Moore-Kucera discussed the vital role of soil life, as well as approaches for management.
          “The question is, how do we manage and tap into this life force that is below ground and is really operating behind the scenes to keep the whole system going?” said Moore-Kucera.


University of Wyoming Strategic Plan moves forward
Laramie – On March 31, the University of Wyoming (UW) released their draft strategic plan, which they say, “calls for advancements in academic quality, enrollment, statewide engagement, diversity and economic development over the next five years.”
          “Specifically, the draft plan aims to increase student recruitment, retention and graduation; degree programs offered online and at UW’s regional centers; collaborations with community colleges and K-12 schools; research funding; startup companies; and private contributions to the university, among other measures,” comments UW in a press release that accompanies the plan.
          The plan was laid out by the university’s Strategic Planning Leadership Council, a 24-member board that held an extensive series of public meetings around the state and on campus.


          On March 27, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke issued a memorandum to the Acting Director Michael Nedd of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), instructing him to consider options for improving the agency’s planning and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes.

          With producers retaining more heifers and increasing their cattle herds and domestic beef consumption remaining stable, the beef industry is going to have to seek out export markets to sell the extra beef they produce, experts say.



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