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To the Editor,

We are once again at the time of year for the Wyoming Public Land Coalition (WPLC) to renew its membership in the National Public Lands Council (NPLC). NPLC is the only national level group dedicated solely to the preservation of grazing on federal lands, and WPLC is our dedicated group to the national group. Therefore I am urging you to support our Wyoming coalition.  

Because Wyoming is always active and engaged when issues come along, we have earned high level of respect in Washington, D.C. The fact that we continue to fight many of the same issues over and over again is a testament to the success of the NPLC. If not for the continued vigilance and work going on in D.C., many of us would have long ago gone the way of the logger. Rest assured your money has not gone to waste. Your representatives have and continue to work for the good of all of us at their own expense. Very little money has been spent to defray travel costs for your representatives. Your money goes to the fight.

When the letter asking for your support comes, please, don’t set it aside to look at later. Put in the “must pay” pile, and pay it the next time you sit down to pay bills. It is up to us to continue the fight for the good of the next generation.


Niels Hansen

First Vice President, Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Wyoming Public Lands Rancher


To the Editor:

On Nov. 4, Wyoming voters will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment to the Wyoming Constitution regarding the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. 

The constitutional amendment would allow no more than 20 percent of the Trustees to be nonresidents of the state. The amendment does not require any members of the Board to be from outside of Wyoming. Any appointment must be made by the Governor and also be approved by the Wyoming Senate. 

In conjunction with the resolution to amend the Wyoming Constitution, the Wyoming Legislature unanimously passed Senate File 38 in 2013. The legislation increased the number of trustees from 12 to 13 and would allow two of the 13 members to be nonresidents. The legislation requires any nonresident appointed to the board to “possess verifiable and demonstrable interest in and past interactions with the university which are reflective of commitment to the education mission of the university.” 

The legislation will go into effect upon successful passage of Constitutional Amendment A in the upcoming General Election. 

As sponsors of this resolution, we encourage Wyoming voters to approve this constitutional amendment. Over half of UW’s graduates live outside Wyoming but still have a passion for the state’s only four-year university. Many have attained national achievement and recognition. These alumni would bring experience and expertise that could help the university fulfill its mission of making our students competitive anywhere in the world. 

This proposed amendment does not suggest that there are not enough talented people currently in our state to serve on the board. Rather, the hope is that passage of this amendment will strengthen the UW Board of Trustees and broaden national exposure to our great university. 

In order to pass, a constitutional amendment must receive a majority of the total ballots cast in the election. That means if you do not vote on the amendment, your ballot is counted the same as a no vote. 

Again, we ask for your support on Constitutional Amendment A on Nov. 4. 


Tony Ross, Wyoming Senate President

Phil Nicholas, Wyoming Senate Majority Floor Leader 

Kermit Brown, Wyoming House Majority Floor Leader 

Tim Stubson, Wyoming House Majority Whip